About Us

Welcome to Equipad one of the first equestrian apparel stores who specialise in exclusive designs and unprecedented quality. Equipad was started on the foundations that we wanted to help our customers stand out, feel unique and be able to ensure the sense of individuality when using our products. We do this by providing exclusive stock for every product, using only the finest and original designs and incorporating only the best quality, modern fabrics and materials. This is how our branding and business were formed...

Exclusive. Designer. Quality.



We were tired of seeing everyone with the same saddle pad from the same brand that everyone else was sporting. So what did we do? We went exclusive. How exclusive you may ask? Well, we only sell a maximum of 100 pieces per style worldwide. That means, when we run out of a style we will not be restocking it anytime soon. 


Here at Equipad we have two ranges of designer collections - The Equipad Originals and Leading Equestrians. The originals are pieces all designed by our team, but we didn't want to have all the fun so we decided to contract some designers to help with our second collection.
Although, these are not your typical designers, these are your everyday equestrians that you know and love. The people who are evolving the equestrian world for the better, the people who influence, create, innovate and well... now, they design. Every month we select your favourite equestrians (with your help, of course) from around the world who partake in our Leading Equestrian Designer Project. They are in charge of designing the piece from the ground up with only three things in mind, you, your horse and the product. 


We get it. You ride, a lot. Those old designs and outdated fabrics just don't seem to do it anymore. Thats why we have come together and made a pact to use only the finest, modern and highest quality materials for every one of our products. Each design is trialled and tested for longevity, durability and wearability (style is key, duh.) We understand to be in the game, you have to keep up with the game. Hence, why we use only the most modern and equine approved fabrics for all our saddle pads. You want to be your best and we want to give you the best - it's as simple as that.

Exclusive. Designer. Quality.